$100.00 - $1,000.00

“Are you in Contraband?”

If you pay the cover, we’ll bring the party. No PDFs. No plus ones.

A yearly subscription will get you:
⁃Four print-only issues per year (1 for every season you are a subscriber).
⁃Access to “Contraband” thread — an exclusive content thread and chatroom hosted on the encrypted app Signal, where we post all the stuff too good for print and the internet.
-Four limited edition posters (1 for every season you are a subscriber).
⁃Discounts and first dibs on all Dirty merchandise.
⁃Invites to our legendary parties and events.


1. I subscribed! How do I get access to Contraband?

Thank you for subscribing! You will receive a postcard with your invitation to Contraband and instructions on how to subscribe soon.

2. Where is my order?

Packages are shipped within a week (often sooner) of your order, and usually take 2-7 days to arrive. Thank you for your patience.