Tricks Stickers


Throw these stickies up where you see fit.

🤝landing tricks can mean booking a client that comes through with screening info and a reference without you needing to ask, while building a world where sex workers protect one another and themselves without fear of police and the law. we believe in full decriminalization of the sex trade. and further we believe in the abolition of work and the concept of having to sell any form of labor to survive.
🤝 landing tricks can mean landing the perfect backside 180 with your friends cheering you on in the background, believing you can do it. we believe in a world without police, anti truancy and loitering laws, subway fares and turnstiles, with no vandalism summonses, where we are all free from forms of domination that keep us from things that bring us joy. we believe in an endless summer, recess for all.